“Untitled” on David Letterman/”Ric Flair” at Paid Dues

I guess I could have posted this when it went down, almost a month ago….but…I didn’t. So here, if you haven’t seen it, check out my network television debut lol:


And here’s me and Mike rocking Ric Flair (including the original sample during verse two) at Paid Dues a couple weeks later:




Out of the Darkness: The Best of Organized Noize (May 2012)

After nearly twenty years in the game,  Organized Noize doesn’t get their due respect.  Their prolific works still manage to be overlooked despite the three-man production team playing an instrumental role  in the creation of widely-accepted classic albums, number one hits and Grammy-winning records, as well as breaking some of the most important artists in Hip-Hop.
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Presidential 3 w/ DJ Burn One & DJ DiBiase

From: TSS:

Searching for Saturday morning listening material? Seek no more as DJ Burn One, DJ Dibiase & Trackstar The DJ have three hours worth of hand-picked tunes neatly packaged, wrapped and waiting at your e-doorstep. The most recent installment of Burn & Dibiase’s weekly, live-recorded Presidential podcast series features Burn One going with an all Hypnotized Minds tribute set while Dibiase chooses to go Chopped & Screwed. Sitting in as this week’s special guest, our man Track goes all over with his selections and between the trio’s sets there’s enough flavor here to satisfy most listeners. Listen and be ye entertained.

DJ Burn One’s Memphis Tribute:

Presidential 3 SIDEA by fivepoints

DJ DiBiase’s Chopped-N-Screwed Mix:

Presidential 3 Side B by TheMillionDollarDJ

My Buncha-Shxt-I-Felt-Like-Playing Mix:

Presidential Side C by djtrackstar