Out of the Darkness: The Best of Organized Noize (May 2012)

After nearly twenty years in the game,  Organized Noize doesn’t get their due respect.  Their prolific works still manage to be overlooked despite the three-man production team playing an instrumental role  in the creation of widely-accepted classic albums, number one hits and Grammy-winning records, as well as breaking some of the most important artists in Hip-Hop.
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Trifeckta Presents… (March 2011)

I just finished a rather spur-of-the-moment project with Trifeckta, one of the main producers from The Force. You may not know his name, but if you listen to my mixes, you know his work (Rockwell Knuckles’ Government Name & Shooting Star, Tef Poe’s Monster, Gotta Be Karim’s Early, Family Affair’s Sunshine & Vivid Imagination), and he won the St Louis regional Red Bull Big Tune beat battle last year before losing to eventual champ 14KT in the national finals. I put together a quick 29 minute mix demonstrating Trifeckta’s best beats, and it came out very dope, if I do say so myself. Check it out here:


Wafeek-Monster Mixtape (October 2010)

Download Monster Mixtape

1. “A Sophisticated Psycho” (Prod. by Rudeluv)
2. “LeBron James (Needs Help)” Featuring Sum Difference & Dez Yusuf – Produced by Rudeluv
3. “A Bedtime Story” (Skit)
4. “West Wing” (Prod. by Rudeluv)
5. “Just Go” (Prod. by Rudeluv)
6. “Monster” (Prod. by Rudeluv)
7. “Green Niggas” (Skit)
8. “AGS (Alien Gang Signs)” Featuring Sum Difference (Prod. by Rudeluv)
9. “Bubbles in My Pocket” Featuring Sum Difference (Co-prod. by Sum Difference & Rudeluv)
10. “Do The Robot” Featuring No3y Smalls (Prod. by Rudeluv)
11. “Go Away” (Co-produced by Animoss & Shawn Lindell)
12. “Dead or Alive” featuring Karma Stewart
13. “Hush” (Prod. by Grilla)
14. “Living Dead Army (LDA”) Featuring Limotint (Prod. by Gilla)
15. “A Moment in Time” (Prod. by Rudeluv)
16. “The Meaning of Life” Featuring Lady Ann Chung & Sum Difference (Prod. by Ish)